March 12, 2008

Taking a design from start to finish

I am often asked about the inspiration behind specific designs, so here is an example of how one greeting card progressed from inspiration to realization.

It all starts when I see something that catches my eye. In this case, I was taken by an illustration for one of Paul Poiret's most famous ensembles, "Sorbet." (Georges Lepape illustration for Gazette du bon ton, 1913, via The Metropolitan Museum of Art,

What appealed to me most were the stylized rosettes and the black & pink colorway. I made several sketches and eventually came up with a stylized rose of my own. The sketch was then scanned and cleaned up in Illustrator.

Once the line art was created I started working on the layout. I love patterns and thought that this rosette would make an elegant repeat reminiscent of early twentieth-century textiles.

In keeping with the Moderne mood, I choose a typeface smiliar to those seen in period advertisements. VoilĂ , the finished product.